Business Intelligence

From corporate data dictionary to master data management, from regulatory compliance to Management Information Systems, Advocate consultants help organization utilize their underlying data.

In our era information is the most valuable asset, the basis of business development, also convertible to wealth and power. Corporations must realize how paramount it is to value and exploit their own information assets, that are obviously rooted in data – in sensibly capturing, collecting, processing and analyzing data, so that information and knowledge can be distilled from it.

It is also equally important that data originated by various business lines and activities, usually in a range of source systems, be put in context and consolidated with, all other data that is being generated across the whole organization, so that decision supporting analyses and reports are not merely based on the data, but on a comprehensive set of relations between them as well.

During numerous projects in the banking and insurance industry, associates of Advocate Business Consulting – business consultants and specialist in Business Intelligence, data modeling and data management – accumulated a vast amount of expertise in the data and information management space, from data modeling, through data lineage and impact analysis assessment and master data management, to the design, management and operation of data warehouses and data marts.

  • Corporate data dictionary and data warehouse design: evaluate and review business processes, identify bottlenecks and future-oriented solutions to existing problems.
  • Impact analysis and data lineage: participate in data lineage investigations and provide impact analysis for projects.
  • Regulatory compliance: consulting and development services to comply with regulatory obligations: PSD2, EMIR, BCBS, GDPR, etc.
IT Consulting, Business Analysis, Test Management

We were helping our partners in different projects, ranging from master data management to data warehouse developments.

Our Latest Projects

Well-known technologies

IT Consulting services for Business Intelligence domain

Our professional consultants use their expertise and experience in different business and development activities that are related to:

  • Providing consulting and development services involving industry-standard BI tools: Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect, Sybase/SAP, PowerDesigner, Oracle Data Integrator (ODI), Oracle SQL Developer, Data Modeler Tool for Oracle Application Developers (TOAD), PLSQL Developer, Oracle SQL Developer, etc.
  • Providing IT Business Analysis, Development and Testing services: IT consulting services for integrated satellite systems, middleware and distributed interfaces/applications.

Latest Business Intelligence Projects

Featured Case Study

Lending Activity Reporting Framework

The complex task of monthly data submission on lending activity (HITREG reporting) posed a big challenge to local banks. Discover how we helped.

Featured Case Study

Compliance with BCBS 239

Driven by the new requirements of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, Advocate consultants provided business and IT consulting services regarding the requirements of risk reporting.

Featured Case Study

EMIR OTC Derivatives reporting obligation

Mandated by ESMA, Advocate consultants were key solution providers in several Financial Institutions.

GDPR project in many Financial Institution

Participate in assessing the impact of GDPR, provide consulting services for data lineage and data origination, design and implement the new internal workflow regarding customer data availability, usability and visibility.