Parcels and Logistics

From outbound and inbound parcels and deliveries, tracking and customs,to logistics workflow management - Advocate consultants are helping global companies.

Traditional parcels and logistics management was a relatively simple process, resellers purchased items from one or two vendors, and consumers visited the store. With the rise of e-commerce and the new coronavirus pandemic situation, the demand for product variety led to a much more complex series of events, causing an a rapidly growing influx of small package inbound freight, requiring more effective parcel inbound logistics management.

In the age of e-commerce-savvy customers, traditional parcel and postal operators must provide services that customers can use as simply as they are purchasing in an online store, from parcel delivery tracking through online postal fee payment applications, customs clearance and data submission.

Data exchange requirements and regulatory compliance obligations between postal operators are posing a great challenge to state-owned and private postal operators as well. Many countries are obliging new regulatory requirements for data exchange for both inbound deliveries (customs clearance) and outbound deliveries (US STOP ACT) that mandates postal operators to send electronic data for every given package they are sending (outbound packages) and use the received electronic data for automated package handling, customs clearance in a frictionless way and for supporting logistics workflows.

Advocate Organization Development has a leading role in supporting Parcels And Logistics activities of several private and state-owned delivery companies and postal operators. Our professional consultants use their expertise and experience in different business and development activities that are related to the following activities:

  • Business workflow and process optimization: evaluate and review business processes (e.g. customs clearance processes, logistics depot workflows and management, etc.).
  • Support and lead product development and supervise sales channels: introducing new services and fee structures, design and introduce new online solutions (e.g. updated package tracking status checker, online payment), help managing the product portfolio.
  • Regulatory compliance: consulting and development services to comply with US STOP ACT, Brexit and customs-related EU regulations.
IT Consulting, Business Analysis, Test Management

We were helping our partners in different projects, ranging from regulatory customs compliance to in-depot workflow management.

Our Latest Projects

Well-known technologies

IT Consulting services for Parcels and Logistics domain

Our professional consultants use their expertise and experience in different business and development activities that are related to:

  • Providing end-user support and consulting services for international postal networks and applications: UPU IPS and CDS, Hurricane eCommerce, IPC PDDP solution.
  • Providing IT Business Analysis, Development and Testing services: IT consulting services for Parcels and Logistics Services related systems, middleware and distributed interfaces/applications.

Latest Parcels and Logistics Projects

US STOP Act compliance project

Under the STOP Act, starting January 1, 2021 the Postal Service must refuse any package shipped to the United States that lacks identifying data, such as shipper and recipient. Advocate consultants were responsible for overseeing and driving the IT design and implementation project for the data submission, making sure all the related IT systems were capable of producing the necessary ITMATT data for providing seamless customs declaration on the destination.

Featured Case Study

Hurricane e-Commerce introduction

With the introduction of automated frictionless customs clearance mechanism, Harmonized Subsystem codes were necessity for the customs procedure. The Hurricane e-Commerce solution provided a method for this and Advocate consultants were participating in the integration of the solution in the current architecture landscape.

IOSS VAT scheme introduction

The Import One-Stop Shop (IOSS) scheme allows suppliers and e-sellers selling imported goods to buyers in the EU to collect, declare and pay the VAT to the tax authorities directly during the e-commerce check out process. That menas, the buyer in EU has already paid all the duties and taxes before the parcel entering the EU, which makes logistics and postal operators not collecting the duties and taxes. This meant a challenge for postal operators with mission-critical IT developments needed to be done. Advocate consultants were responsible for the planning, design and testing of the project implemented by one of the CEE region's biggest operator.