About Advocate Organization Development

Leading provider of IT Consulting Services for industry leaders in the Banking, Insurance and Pharmaceuticals industries.

Advocate Organization Development is a Budapest-based IT Consulting Company providing specialized consulting services for the Financial (Banking, Insurance, Fund Management) and Pharmaceutical industries.

Currently we are working with more than a hundred Developers, Consultants and Project Managers who have in-depth knowledge in several knowledge domains, from Core Banking to Treasury, from Business Intelligence to Regulatory Compliance.

Our company is focusing on establishing and maintaining Strategic Partnerships with our clients, to be able to help our clients operate and work in a fast-paced, always changing business environment. Currently, we have established 15 strategic partnerships with several multinational firms, proudly serving many of them since the birth of our company.

Meet the Management

Egressy Attila

Managing Director

Being responsible for the future of the company my goal is to further increase the company’s market position relying on our edge - the high level of customer satisfaction and the company’s talent pool.

Egressy-Czakó Orsolya

Head Of Controlling

With decades of experience in talent management, my goal is to strengthen the company’s foundations by adapting and utilising the principle ethical values that lead to success: discipline, tolerance, accuracy and consistency.

Pongrácz J. Csongor


Before joining the company, I was working for Accenture, PwC, Arthur Andersen gathering professional experience that helped us transforming Advocate into one of the leading IT consulting firms with stable double digit yearly growth. My main is goal is to help grow the company with constantly monitoring the market trends and act proactively.