Digital channels, omnichannel banking

From next-generation branch operations to omnichannel approach for digital banking services.

From loan origination to equity brokerage services, there's a clear trend of both retail and corporate customers gravitating towards more convenient forms of using banking services. As smart phones and tablets become more and more affordable and indispensable from the customers' daily life, Financial Instituitons are also providing services available through smart phone applications and online channels.

There are many challenges for providing digital services for customers. Rigorous regulatory requirements were needed to be eased (backed by the EU-regulated new PSD2 directive), new technology advancements in IT had to be utilized (e.g. widespread VoIP and video-chat capabilities) in order to be able to provide the services that suit the micro-decisions customers are making everyday with a smart phone in their hand - for example loans for small amounts, credit card application, online customer onboarding.

Only in the past few years, with the widespread availability of smart phones, Financial Institutions started realizing a true omnichannel approach in their digital services portfolio - allowing the customer to start an operation on one channel and finish it later on another. For a succesful transition, corporations had to internalize the digital-first approach in product management, which also posed many challenges to the IT landscape - sometimes with the necessity of upgrading outdated electronic channels (Internet Bank, Mobile Bank applications).

Advocate Organization Development has a leading role in supporting Hungarian Financial Institutions in order to be able to provide 21st century digital banking services. Our professional consultants use their expertise and experience in different business and development activities that are related to transitioning to a true omnichannel, digital-first approach:

  • Business workflow and process optimization: evaluate and review business processes, identify bottlenecks and future-oriented solutions to existing problems.
  • Support and lead product development and supervise sales channels: design and introduce new online solutions (from e-Banking to electronic brokerage solutions), help managing the product portfolio.
  • Regulatory compliance: consulting and development services to comply with PSD2 regulations
  • Providing end-user support and consulting services for well-known and in-house developed systems: Electra, Omikron Multicash and Smart Office, online brokerage platforms, etc.
  • Providing IT Business Analysis, Development and Testing services: IT consulting services for e-channels related systems, middleware and distributed interfaces/applications (interfaces and integration to Core Banking system, implementation of customer access management systems, integration to limit management, etc).

Latest Digital Banking Projects

Mobile Banking Upgrade project

With the help of Advocate consultants' expertise of Omnichannel Banking, one of Hungary's bank was able to transform it's outdated Mobile Banking solution to be a trendsetter mobile application aimed to cater to the more feature-savvy customers. Our experts put a big emphasis on designing features that could be easily used for the obliged moratorium-induced customer interactions while making sure the traditional transactional features wouldn't be left out from the renewal process.

Secure Online Payments

PSD2 obliged banks to mandate strong customer authentication (SCA) for approving online payments with their credit or debit crads (card-not-present transactions). All card services providers had to introduce a way to do this and with the help of Advocate consultants several Hungarian Banks were succesfully introduced new, PSD2-compliant methods of secure authentication with SMS or bimoetry-based authentication procedures.

Customer access management system

Design and introduction of a centralized customer access management system for e-channels. Providing IT Business Analysis, Development and Testing services.

Assessing the impact of PSD2

Assessing the impact of PSD2 for the business operations and for the IT-landscape as well with providing a feasibility study with multiple detailed scenarios.

Single sign-on solution for e-channels

Introduction of a single sign-on solution for all retail and corporate digital banking channels (from payment services to investment services).

Corporate Electronic Banking system upgrade

Providing IT Business Analysis, Development and Testing services for upgrading Electronic Banking system for Corporate customers, introduction of a solution enabling access for smart phone users.