Investments, Wealth and Fund Management

From Custody to Electronic Brokerage, from Equities to Investment Funds, MiFID II to Bond Markets, our consultants have in-depth knowledge about investments services.

Banks and Investment Firms provide many forms of investment opportunities for their clients, they manage Investment Accounts and offer different Investment Products (Equities, Investment Units, Fixed Income instruments, Commodity Futures, etc) traded on stock exchanges and over-the-counter (OTC). In many cases, professional advisory is also provided, while making sure that the assessment of the customer's risk appetite is always on the radar.

Investment firms and banks also provide guidance to their corporate and government issuers regarding debt capital management. These institutions can also underwrite the bonds and equities issued by their clients in order to realize profit by sale on secondary market. They can help in the process known as initial public offering (IPO), determine how much capital the company needs, how many shares should be issued in the IPO and the starting share price.

Some credit institutes provide custodial services for several types of Funds (Investment, Mutual, Pension, Health Funds) and for Insurance Companies.

Many banks and fund management companies offer their client also Wealth Management service as a part of investment services. The complex financial issues of ultra-high net worth individuals and families require highly specialized resources and a deep understanding of the concerns associated with significant wealth. Under their Private Wealth Management (Private Banking service) the financial institutions combine their specialized resources of a financial advisory with the tailored services of an exclusive wealth management boutique.

Advocate Organization Development has a leading role in supporting Investment Services and Wealth Management activities of Hungarian banks, fund management companies and investment firms. Our professional consultants use their expertise and experience in different business and development activities that are related to investment, wealth and fund management:

  • Business workflow and process optimization: evaluate and review business processes (e.g. personal investment advisory, client acquisition, etc.), rearrange and optimize product portfolio (Derivatives, Equities, Investment Units, Fixed Income instruments, Currencies, Commodities, etc.)
  • Support and lead product development and supervise sales channels: introducing new Structured Products, design and introduce new online solutions (e.g. investment advisory solution, electronic brokerage system, white label trading platform, etc), help managing the product portfolio.
  • Regulatory compliance: consulting and development services to comply with MiFID and PRIIPS regulations
  • Providing end-user support and consulting services for well-known trading, sales, custody, back-office and fund management systems: Clavis, Monolith, Trasset, TBOR, Saxo terminal, MMTSII, OMS, Bloomberg, Xetra terminals, Electronic Trading and Dorsum Wealth Management Platform.
  • Providing IT Business Analysis, Development and Testing services: IT consulting services for Investments Services related systems, middleware and distributed interfaces/applications (interfaces to Bloomberg, Reuters solutions, Xetra, integration to Core Banking system, implementation of wealth management platform, etc).

Investments, Fund Management Projects


Asses the impacts of the new MIFID regulation, design and implement changes in the affected systems, providing Business Analysis, Project Management and Testing Consulting services.

Electronic Brokerage system introduction

Participating in new electronic brokerage system introduction projects, providing IT Business Analysis and Testing Consulting Services for the new implementation and related interfaces.

Clavis Upgrade projects at several Financial Institutions

Advocate consultants were leading and participating in many projects concerning Clavis upgrades (from C2, C3 to C4) in several Hungarian Financial Institutions (Banks and Asset Management Firms).

XETRA implementation projects

Advocate consultants were leading and participating in many projects concerning XETRA connectivity and introduction (trading infrastructure change and renewal at Budapest Stock Exchange), with integration to electronic brokerage and securities core systems.