Bank Card

From credit to debit, from issuing to acquiring, Advocate Consultants have in-depth knowledge in the bank card knowledge domain.

Nowadays, bank cards are just as an indispensable item in the customers' life as smart phones. Even with the advent of innovative payment solutions (e.g. Apple Pay), both credit and debits card remain popular and an effective tool for managing our everyday finances.

Our consultants have played leading role in shaping many Hungarian Financial Institutions Bank Card-related operations, gathering experience and knowledge from both the business and from the IT-side as well.

From issuing to acquiring processes, ATM and POS introductions and upgrade projects, integrate and introduce electronic payment delivery systems (e.g. Arksys), Advocate Consultants have gathered significant experience in all the projects and operations related to Bank Card operations.

Advocate Organization Development has a leading role in supporting Hungarian Financial Institutions in order to be able to provide bank card services. Our professional consultants use their expertise and experience in different business and development activities that are related to:

  • Business workflow and process optimization: evaluate and review business processes, identify bottlenecks and future-oriented solutions to existing problems.
  • Support and lead product development and supervise sales channels: design and introduce new solutions (from combined debit-credit cards to loyalty cards, internet cards), help managing the product portfolio.
  • Regulatory compliance: consulting and development services to comply with PCIDSS
  • Providing end-user support and consulting services for well-known systems and processes provided by: SIA, MasterCard, Visa, Euronet, Arksys, etc.
  • Providing IT Business Analysis, Development and Testing services: IT consulting services for bank card related systems, middleware and distributed interfaces/applications (interfaces and integration to Core Banking system, integration to Internet Bank, integration to limit management, etc).

Latest Bank Card Projects

Direct Debit introduction for Credit Card installments

Using direct debit for Credit Card installments repayment became a necessary service offered to the customers, however introducing such a service poses many challenges, from loan origination to digital channels as well, besides the necessary developments regarding the payment services infrastructure. Advocate consultants were responsible in sevaral Hungarian financial institution for the business and technical analysis and testing tasks, making sure the introduction of the service was as smooth as possible.

Secure Online Payments

PSD2 obliged banks to mandate strong customer authentication (SCA) for approving online payments with their credit or debit crads (card-not-present transactions). All card services providers had to introduce a way to do this and with the help of Advocate consultants several Hungarian Banks were succesfully introduced new, PSD2-compliant methods of secure authentication with SMS or bimoetry-based authentication procedures.

Credit Card Introduction

Design and introduction of Credit Card Management Software which enabled the bank to issue credit cards. Providing IT Business Analysis, Development and Testing services.

ARKSYS upgrade

Assessing the impact of ARKSYS upgrade, providing IT Business Analysis, Development and Testing services for the upgrade project.

Introduction of new POS services

Introduction of new POS services: cash back, tax free shopping. Providing IT Business Analysis, Development and Testing services.

Bank Card Management System Introduction

Introduction of a new Bank Card Management System, related Fraud Monitoring system. Helping with the procurement, providing feasibility studies and IT Business Analysis services.